• Dave Page

    October 13, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Thanks Michael.

    Yes, Ace is trained to that level of distraction. I do call him into a down or heel every time someone comes into “range.” I have had him go into downs from as far as 150ft away from me off leash to keep him out of trouble.

    After he got used to a couple clients I let him run close but loose until one was helping me clean up after a job. Ace saw him pickup some rotten wood that I had thrown down while doing repairs. I barely got the heel command out to stop Ace’s rush before he got to him. And Ace liked the guy.

    The video of him on leash tied was a little while after said incident, and first time I had given him down command while in a leashed, distant situation. Before it had always been off leash. I went back and solidified the leashed down command since the video as well as using much softer commands which he responds to much better.

    I have a handyman business specializing in rental properties so seldom is anyone other than myself, and an occasional helper present. Occasionally people coming onto job sites need to pass close to my truck or workspace at times I have had him leashed to it. A simple down command and they can walk by unmolested As Long As I tell them to keep their hands and eyes to themselves. (IE ignore him)