• Dave Page

    August 30, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    He is ours now, so no specific time to achieve it.

    Wanting to set proper foundations now, as it usually takes a few weeks to months for this breed to acclimate.

    I did see his propensity to be overprotective yesterday when Lexi came bounding up in a rush and he started split and aggress, but he glanced to me before fully engaging,  and a simple no stopped him.

    In regards to how he acts towards our dogs; yes, drive balance concern. I was told how funny it was watching him chase his tail in circles, so I think when he did get any drives met it was through other dogs, which may explain why they got bit pulling him away. (Barrier frustration, other major needs going unmet.  Has little drive to play with humans, but really wants to engage with other dogs. (No tail chasing since we have had him).

    Only allowed it once with Lexi, as a test but dont plan on making a habit out if it.

    Any additional advice appreciated.