• john galloway

    August 1, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Hello, it has been a long time since my last post regarding Holly, so thought I would give an update. Since the last post I have continued with Holly’s obedience and leadership exercises; I would do this regardless of behaviour problem or not. Regarding obedience I have no issue, she is a responsive and well-behaved dog. Holly’s problem was that she did not like to be approached by strange dogs, dogs she does not know, she still doesn’t. But I no longer view this behaviour as a problem; Holly just doesn’t like strange dogs approaching her. I now manage this behaviour by keeping her on lead, whenever other dogs are loose. If a dog approaches I stay relaxed and in control of the situation; if the other dog approaches slowly and avoids physical contact, Holly is now fine with this. If the other dog gets too close, Holly will snap at the dog making it back-off. I don’t correct this I either ask her to sit, in the foundation style, or I call her name, breaking her concentration, and bringing her attention onto me. Excitable dogs can be difficult, Holly doesn’t deal-well with quick movements, dogs running excitably around her, jumping at/onto her. She will respond with aggression, growling and snapping. I keep the situation relaxed and calm, and if possible engage the dog’s owner in conversion and explain the situation. I don’t want the owner to call their dog away, so I ask the owner to walk with me; teaching Holly that aggression does not make dogs go away. I let Holly decide when she feels comfortable enough to make contact with the dog, this can be after three or four meetings with the same dog; some dogs she never makes contact with, apart from a brief sniff, but the aggression stops and she can walk calmly alongside them. I am happy with her progress, and she makes a great pet/companion.</p>