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Here you can search for certified Foundation Style Dog Trainers.  All certified trainers have completed a minimum of 120 hours of classroom study along with additional self-study and apprenticeship focused on dog behavior, training science, behavior modification planning, and the mechanics of training dogs for different tasks.  Certification requires a well rounded knowledge of how to use all common dog training equipment to offer a variety of choices for clients.  Certified trainers also must pass a comprehensive oral exam and “hands-on” test after the completion of training projects finished outside the classroom.  Not all students who take the course become certified.  By using a certified Foundation Style Dog Trainer you are guaranteed to be using one of the most highly trained and professional trainers in the industry.

Currently, the majority of our certified trainers are located in the US.  We have trainers in the tri-state area on the East Coast, Illinois, a couple excellent trainers on the West Coast, and one trainer located in Sweden.  If you are a trainer that is interested in becoming certified, or would like more info on how to enter the profession, please contact us for more info.

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