E-collar Dog Training Franchises Becoming a Threat to the Profession.

Will the IACP and other e-collar supporters stop defending the indiscriminate use of e-collars by franchisees and trainers that abuse these tools in "quick fix" boarding programs and seminars?
E-collars are on a one-way trip to be banned in most civilized countries if educated trainers don't start policing and applying peer pressure to the companies and individuals who are hastily using E-collars in the name of "quicker results" and company profits.
Watch ALL the videos below so it can sink in that this is how many of the dogs are normally trained behind closed doors at these places.  It is not a case of videoing a dog trainer during a slip-up or accidental over correction.
Also, let it sink in as you watch these, that there were no apologies and that in a court of law these trainers proved this is "appropriate" use of the E-collar.  See the article here.
Although I embedded a playlist of someone who filmed inside a "Sit means Sit" location, it is not an attack on that company in particular or the trainers in the videos.  This is an attack on the dog training community as a whole for not doing enough to prevent this.
This is just a sample of what is becoming the norm with the growing trend of people learning to be professional trainers from e-collar seminars and buying into franchises without further knowledge of dog behavior or training.
If you are a professional dog trainer and this doesn't bother you, you should find another profession.  If you are dog owner researching dog training methods my advice is to never, ever, leave your dog unattended with a trainer that uses an e-collar on a dog anytime before the dog happily understands the command with reward, and understands discipline done gently with a leash.   An e-collar is a great polishing device when used correctly, but it never should be used to initially teach.  Whenever possible train your OWN dog under supervision.
Watch ALL the videos and let it digest.  This is the current state of the profession:


  1. Makes me angry. Those yelps are why I took the first brand back. Over correction even on the lowest setting.
    Vibrate/pager only on the dogtra will usually work with Luke unless his adrenaline is really up.
    I assume they only work with very submissive dogs.

  2. I watched a few and that was enough, this really really boils my blood and i mean massively pi##es me off, could you imagine someone doing that to your own child during a teaching phase? there really is no difference animal, child, adult.

    In my profession handling a dog in that manner will instantly get you kicked out of trade.

    And most likely some dead ground counselling.
    Totally unacceptable from a place that looks like its got all the facilities, props and space to conduct training.
    Abusive, Sloppy and Lazy training.
    Reality is a nasty thing. These places exist in all parts of the world

    Well done Mike in bringing awareness to these issues!!!

  3. I know of that owner. I trained one of my dogs for CGC under the guidance of a trainer who used to work for him. That trainer left quickly after to go solo and I wondered why. Then I started getting a few pieces of info here and there and was appalled. It became a pattern of watching trainers leave and I can only guess it was for similar reasons. Good trainers won’t condone this crap nor stay employed by anyone who does.