German Shepherd Dog

Whiskey is my 4 year old female blue German Shepherd Dog. I have had Whiskey since she was 8 weeks old. Her nature is very submissive, quiet, docile and obedient. She is extremely soft natured with humans and animals. Whiskey can at times lack confidence, be lazy and mildly timid. Whiskey is currently pregnant with her first and last litter of purebred GSD's. Whiskey is the least dominant dog in my pack of 5.

My training goals with Whiskey consist of first and foremost building her confidence. At times, when being corrected for unwanted behavior she will react by going into flight mode. This can be triggered by something as simple as me changing the tone of my voice. When she gets into this state, she totally loses focus on the task or behavior I'm trying to teach her. I would like to build her confidence so she gets more enjoyment out of working and learning and we can begin training for a higher level of obedience (she is already very obedient and in tune with me) then further move into tracking and perhaps some basic personal protection.

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