Georgian Shepherd

Panzer is trained in the basics with commands and hand signals. He can sit, lay down (Platz), heel (Fuss), stay (bleib). He will sit and stay (bleib) as I walk away. He will come when I give him the sign (hand on my chest). and the command. He will usually stay for 30-40 seconds before he becomes anxious and comes on his own. I was working on training him to search (port) with a partner who would put his scent on a rag and then go hide. I would then lead the dog to the partner. We were not aboe to progress to the point where I could let Panzer lead, as the COVID situation cause me to lose my training partner for the time being.

Train my dog, Panzer for search and rescue and to home his protection instincts. I live in a rural area and the Mail delivery person began giving him treats, as did the UPS and FEDX drivers and now the dog sees visitors as playmates bringing treats. I do not want a mean dog, just a dog who will alert when strangers come around.

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