Obergruppenfuhrer “Fuhrer”

Doberman Pinscher

Fuhrer is one year old Isabella (Fawn) intact male Doberman.

His obedience is fair. He understands sit, down, place, here, and is extremely well behaved on a loose leash (we travel together on buses & subways). He is also trained to assist me with balance and stability.

i use “YES” as both a marker and his release word, I use the word “GOOD” when I expect duration. 

 Fuhrer loves “tug” and has a good strike, deep bite, and strong hold. To him it’s just a game, but I always encourage good bite work technique. His “OUT” command definitely is his weekest, and most important, part of the game.

my immediate goals are to have 100% off leash confidence. Improve on distance / duration / distractions . long term goals include personal protection work. And possibly competition at some point.

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