Max Alexander

Blue Heeler
Kangaroo Dog

Blue heeler a lot of energy very vocal during play time with other dog like to play bite only barks when there is something to bark at so good guard dog in that sense was very good with leave it but since he’s gotten older more willing to wonder off and not listen very very scared of loud noises fire work gun even my BB gun very sure of him self when I’m around so but a bit scared when im not home he will bark but run away from people entering the property and bark and growl from a distant 

he’s a good dog and geting there with his training but I want to take him to the next step I want people to wish the dog was well trained like mine 


Make him heal sit and lay down on commands I want to do a long wait like one he won’t move from till he is commanded to I want to make him more confident in him self so he will protect the property while I am away and to really take him to the next level

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