Hi i'm Kodak, an intact Xolo. I'm distinctly social compared to my breeds standard. Very curious and outgoing in most situations (scared of nothing but footballs). I'm a dog that wants to please whoever takes care of me and feeds me, which made it easy for my owner to switch from treat-based reward training to affection-based reward training. I am just over 8 months old and like to be obedient most of the time, i have a prettys good recall, sit, down and leash manners, though some times if am smelling something good or playing with a nice doggo it might take him a second recall.

I have lots of friends, i love to play fight, but as soon as the play fight gains a tint of dominance-based play i tend to leave. Same, i love chasing a ball, but the moment there is a ball-obsessed doggo in the picture, i ain't chasing it no more. In short, i think i don t like confrontation.

I overall feel like i am a great companion, it's just my owner who expects too much!! 😉

My Xolo is great. At the moment he has a pretty good recall, sit, down and place. He sometimes anticipates me on the down, when i order sit (usually occurs after park, walk or play, when he is tired). I'd love for him to get the sit and down always right regardless his tiredness. Off leash he is good as well (at park, on walks and in crowded places), when walking next to other dogs i can easily steer him away from greeting them with a simple "No" at the right moment (when they lock eyes etc.). He is the type of dog that listens to me even if a stranger calls him with a sausage in his hand. My two main problems at the moment are that: 1) when he is tired (after play at park or walk), he will not want to satisfy me when i give him harder commands, for instance, he will always sit, come, down, paw but will refuse to climb up a log or do something more physically challenging. 2) When i try to teach him something new, with a piece of food in my hand, his mind will go in overdrive, he thinks he needs to do some of the stuff he already knows (paw, sit, whatever) but when i try to show him the new, correct behaviour he will pull his ears back, tail between legs bending towards the ground in what seems to be an incredibly submissive "please give me that piece of chicken" type of body language (like food begging). I don't think i have ever made him anxious while training, nor frightened him for not executing the right behaviour, i therefore cannot find the route behaviour behind this (he definitely is not underfed!). It is a little frustrating as i'd like to still teach him some stuff, maybe he has just reached his maximum potential ? what are your opinions ? Do you think i shouldn't push certain limits or can i stimulate and exercise his will to work ?

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