Siberian Husky

She is a great addition to our family she is an only child dog with 3 human siblings 15,13,12.  Our goal is to have her as a running partner.  Long trail running.  This is why we got her.  She is our first puppy for our family.  We were spoiled with our last dog who was part of Mitch Flethers litter and he trained her.  Now we are learning to work with and train her.  She is a very smart and spunky girl.  She is very smart and has figured out to missbehave to then correct in order to get her treats.  She really likes to pull and has been a real struggle.  She is create trained and potty trained so is learning well.  



Walk on lead not jump on people, listen to commands and to eventually when she can start doing long runs with me. I have been attached by a few dogs in our neighborhood so would also like her to be able to protect a bit as well.

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