Review: Thanks to Allie, the possibilities are endless.


I just wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about how life with my dog has changed, since working with Allie.
My Chloe is sweet and loving and driven. She is also extremely tenacious and curious, and for the first (many)months I thought she was too much for me. That I would never be able to walk her on a leash, that she would walk me, that she would forever run me and my house, and that my family had made a huge mistake.  I complained to Allie, I cried.  I vented and wasn’t sure I had the patience to do what Allie was trying to teach me. Allie told me different. She pointed out my wins, and showed me how to improve on my weaknesses.  She kept pushing me to not give up.  She taught me each part of my dog that I thought was difficult was simply opportunity. Opportunity to grow and build a relationship with my dog, and to understand her better. And Allie was right.
It’s now been over 2 years. Working with Allie and training with Chloe has changed my life.  Allie has instilled in me a drive and passion for helping dogs and other handlers in any way I can.
Thank you Allie.  For guiding us, supporting us, and for training me how to train Chloe.  For showing me how rewarding this could be, and how much fun this is. I look forward to training Chloe, learning and teaching her new things, and working with you for years to come.
Thanks to Allie, the possibilities are endless.