1. Re: abnormal vs normal behavioral problem: if a dog’s a mixed breed, then it becomes more difficult to be sure of what’s normal vs abnormal for that particular dog. No? If so, I wonder if you’ll be addressing this issue in either these or subsequent videos.

  2. Question Re: Alert Barking Not Same As Territorial Aggression: Has anyone else observed an untethered dog on his home territory alert bark and then move into territorial-aggression mode when the object he’s alerted on — human or dog, usually — continues moving into the territory? In a similar vein, what about a tethered alert barker moving into barrier-frustration mode as the object approaches? Aggression types can be layered, a Mike often says. In the heat of the moment, w/o practice, it’s often hard to get a handle on what exactly’s going thru a canines mind, as reflected in his body language, which can change very quickly, need I mention.