Foundation Style Dog Trainer Certification Course version 3.1

This course will teach the lecture requirements for dog trainer certification. This will be done through literature, videos, quizzes, and interaction with the instructor. Dog training mechanics will be evaluated through video or at K9-1 facility. The course requires a verbal examination and evaluation of mechanics. Those who pass the course are designated the title Certified Foundation style Dog Trainer (CFDT)

Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Using the Site
Module 2Canine Behavior
Unit 1In the Beginning
Unit 2Domestication
Unit 3Body Language
Unit 4Know Your Traits
Unit 5Back to the Roots
Unit 6Behavior Problems
Module 3Health
Unit 1Diet
Unit 2Grooming
Unit 3Vaccinations
Unit 4External Parasites
Unit 5Internal Parasites
Unit 6Effects of Neutering
Unit 7Health and Behavior
Module 4Attitude
Unit 1The Importance of Attitude in the Profession
Module 5Applied Behavior Analysis
Unit 1Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis
Unit 2Establishing Operations
Unit 3Classical Conditioning
Unit 4Extinction, Spontaneous Recovery, Generalization, Discrimination
Unit 5Operant Conditioning
Unit 6Shaping and Chaining
Unit 7Reward Schedules
Unit 8Innate vs Learned Behaviors
Unit 9Escape and Avoidance Conditioning
Unit 10Observational Learning
Unit 11Non associative learning
Unit 12Chaining
Unit 13Premack Principle
Unit 14Biological Constraints on Learning
Unit 15Task Analysis
Module 6Leadership
Unit 1Intro to Leadership
Module 7Habitation
Unit 1Phase 1 Habitation
Unit 2Phase 2 Habitation
Unit 3Phase 3 Habitation
Module 8Drive Balance
Unit 1Recognizing a problem
Unit 2Finding balance
Module 9Anxiety
Unit 1The nature of anxiety
Unit 2Making the plan
Module 10Obedience
Unit 1What does it really mean?
Unit 2Phase 1 Training
Unit 3Phase 2 Training
Unit 4Phase 3 Training
Unit 5Phase 4 Training
Module 11Perception
Unit 1Forming and Changing
Module 12Management
Unit 1Short term and long term
Module 13Animal Rescues and Shelters
Unit 1the Problem
Unit 2Plans
Module 14The Working Dog
Unit 1Specialized Training
Module 15Dog Business
Unit 1Housing Dogs
Module 16On Your Mark...
Unit 1things to do