Bite Building in Play

Not just for future bite trained dogs

  • structured play that dogs naturally enjoy
  • Great for any rehab program

What can you encourage through play?

  • Strike
  • Firm Grip
  • Rebite
  • Thrash – better for protection
  • Pull Down – better for police (pull down and thrash of equal priority depending on dog and preference)
  • Transfer


Teaching to ignore (desensitize) vs counter (reactive) – Depends on Plan

What counters do you want to encourage?

  • Go with mother nature? easy and more reliable
  • Against mother nature if important enough

Puppy Play

Play with Young Shepherds

Puppy Agitation with Transfers

Don’t Do This Normally.Β  It was a temperament test, but interesting to watch puppy reaction.

Nikko Bite Building