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noise sensitivity

Early Life Experiences and Exercise Associate with Canine Anxieties

Katriina Tiira, Hannes Lohi 2015 Highlights: Fearfulness in dogs has both genetic and environmental components Fearfulness can be categorized as...

Noise Sensitivities in Dogs: An Exploration of Signs in Dogs with and without Musculoskeletal Pain

Ana Luisa Lopes Fagundes, Lynn Hewison, Kevin J. McPeake, Helen Zulch and Daniel Simon Mills 2018 ABSTRACT Noise sensitivity is...

Prevalence, Comorbidity, and Behavioral Variation in Canine Anxiety

Katriina Tiira, Sini Sulkama, and Hannes Lohi, 2016 ABSTRACT Fear is an emotion needed to survive, but when prolonged and...