Aggression Drives in Protection Training

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There are “play” and mature forms of this cycle.  DO NOT MIX:

From Defense to Fight/Prey:

From Defense to PLAY (wrong):

From Flight to Fight/Prey:

Nikko 1

Nikko 2

Fight/Prey (No Play Ever):

Very effective but dangerous to agitator.  Limits cross-training/drills.  But, highlights the simplicity of going with mother nature. Protection training on a budget.





Fancy Schmancy

We teach the dog exactly how we want them to fight. Good for specific projects.  Time consuming/expensive (time is money)



  1. Not directly protection-related, but I couldn’t resist posting this link. “K-9 Verro spotted a deputy running and since he could not differentiate between the deputy and the suspect without his handler present he “apprehended the Deputy by grabbing the back of his leg and followed his training by biting and holding until he was commanded to release.”

    The deputy “had no idea the dog was actually a law enforcement canine,” especially since K-9 Verro bit him from behind, investigators said.