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  • jirasu

    February 9, 2011 at 11:24 am

    I believe it will be quite easy to get him accustomed wearing a muzzle in a couple of days.

    Because he has shown some food aggression (growling if there is something valuable enough) I´m only (hand)feeding dryed kibles to him and am slowly moving to better stuff.

    So, you can quite easily motivate him with some treats. I don´t use toys etc. as a reward cause he submisses so easily and it comes quickly counterproductive.

  • jirasu

    February 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm


    I have tried to attach a few videos our dog but the files are wrong kind. But I try again a bit later with my friends help.

    Everything you wrote maked sence and I took of the vibration collar. And you´re also right in that that he is really predictable and easy to read. It helps a lot.

    But as you I´m also most concerned how he reacts towards our girl. He seems to think the baby as a part of the pack and greets her with a kiss when we come home. But yesterday he again gave his way with the tail slightly upwards, and hackles down. He uses calming singnals with our baby as with us but I haven´t seen really submissive behavior towards the girl:He has many times given his way with a low tail and sometimes hackles up, but, many times he like “dances” away with stiff hindquarters.

    We talked a long time with my husband yesterday from the fact that we have to have the same rules when dealing with the dogs: Then he also told me that actually the dog has bitten him 4 times (and snapped the air several times): when trying to put him to the yard when he didn´t want to, when our bitch was in heat and my husband stopped the male from going to the female, when he was bend over the male and trying to get him up when he was afraid and the 1 time the leash was in a mess. His skin was never broken but still.

    The 3 first ones are something my husband could have avoided if he would have acted differently but the last one is the one I´m most worried of. That one I knew of but didn´t now until yesterday, the details.
    The female had been playing and the leash had gone around the males back legs so that he couldn´t stand correctly. My husband tried to solve the leash, the dog growled and then attacked. It wasn´t a bite, the dog grabbed and shaked my husbands arm. The dog dropped the glove when my husband vocally corrected him, right afterwards the male started to play with the glove (shaking and throwing it).

    I know that the grab-and-shake is thougt to be really serious and I´m extremely worried about it. He´s so submissive with me that it´s hard for me to imagine. He has never bitten me, but, has snarled to me several times when I with force put him to lay down. He didn´t have the chance to bite me but if he would have? Propably. But with him it´s clearly the last choice and that´s why I was so shocked to hear that he had “killed” my husbands arm. Still I´m not worried him attacking me or the baby but the situation is even more serious as I thought. And I of course keep my eye on the baby the whole time.

    He hasn´t growled to me at all the last week but that´s due the fact that I stopped handling him when he didn´t want it. He still growls to our baby usually every day at least a couple of times when giving his way. One day I didn´t vocally correct him from rising his tail and right a way at the following times qAI could see that the tail rose more, when I didn´t interfere with the behavior.
    So, I have today corrected him from the dominant gestures, but not from the growling. Is this ok?

    AND, he´s not castrated. Don´t ask me why not, stubidity from my part? It´s going to be done next monday. I hope, it can help with how he reacts our little girl.

    And you helping us really keeps me hope.

  • jirasu

    January 29, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Thank you for your encouragement!
    I forgott to ad that he is nowadays much better. You can now pet him quite nicely if you do it without too much a hush and making it “a big deal”. He has growled a lot more towards my husband but it redused a lot after he read the triangle. He sometimes growles more to me now (defensively most of them time). But we try to avoid situations where he can show his aggression and make sure that he can´t get nothing for free.

    And he wants to sosialize with us more, though most of the time there is avoidance. I don´t fear that he will bite me even when it´s question about food or when I put him to lie down. But he has snapped my husband and there´s not a big step for really biting. A veterinary behaviorist described it as a “conflict aggression” (hasn´t seen the dog in real life).

    But altough things have gone better, we still have big problems.