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  • chrisloverseed

    May 8, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Hey Mike,

    thanks for your response.

    My initial question was on a broad spectrum with anxiety in general, but sure 🙂 I have a client i’m working with at the moment which i would always appreciate another open minded trainers opinion.

    2yr old Cavoodle male (desexed)
    Prior training- Puppy school ( 4 week course) has little to non command association apart from sit.
    Rarely exercised
    Lives with a same aged lab/golden (purchased at the same time) who is bomb proof

    Issue/s- The dog has been escaping and jumping the fence a few times recently, but is fine inside. Displays moderate levels of anixety even when inside familiar and calm enviroments, also has mild seperation anxiety.

    Treatment so far- Firstly recommended ways to proof the yard which has been done, have started basic obedience training with the dog and also mini agility exercises to build confidence and provide a bit more mental stimulation, which is helping to create better communication and calms the dog down a bit, have also introduced some manual handling exercises. Have worked on the foundation of the place command which the dog comprehends (will lie down and stay) but still seems rather anxious whilst in place, lots of looking around and sometimes getting up and pacing. Have also provided recommendations on enviromental enrichment and chew toys/bones to help lower anxiety. Am open to medications as a last resort such as clomicalm etc, so have advised to try out the DAP collar to see if this can help assist in lower anxiety whilst teaching new default behaviours and copping skills.

    I’m sure i’ve left details out, but any feedback would be great