• Jose Moreno

    January 31, 2012 at 4:28 am

    Heres what I do to get a new dog to like the crate. Everything that is good happens in the crate for the first few days/weeks. When its food time, they eat in their crate. When its crate time, I stuff a kong full of some raw salmon dog food or give em a beef bone; its important they only get these treats while in their crate so they know that this “food of the gods” only appears when theyre in the crate. Now, the dogs that I crate train run into their crate by themselves when its feeding time and fall asleep in their crate right after their done for an hour or so.
    Are you exercising her? It could be kind of tough, especially with pups, to get em to stay in a crate if theyre full of energy. Remember, restless spirit.
    Also its important that if you are trying to crate train her not to let her out if shes whining or barking. Otherwise shell think that barking/whining gets her a free ride out of the crate.
    Again, just my opinion as a member. Hopefully one of the mods will give us some info.