• TheRookie

    August 18, 2010 at 6:34 am

    @ddpowell 363 wrote:

    Not claiming that i know what i’m doing, but i thought i’d share my short experience with our GSD’s diet. We started our 5 month old GSD Manny on a bit of a mixed, but mostly raw diet the day we got her after doing a lot of research.

    Of her daily meals (which totals just over 2.2lb – split over 3 meals) 50% raw meaty bones (chicken or turkey necks, about 45% muscle meat (like pig or lamb hearts) and then a little bit of organ meat like liver. Then we toss in an egg every meal, with a fish oil cap & a cup or 2 of Hills Science large breed puppy.

    We figure if there’s some crucial ingredients she’s missing from the raw diet she can get from the kibble as our local vet insists she needs this large breed kibble for her development. But vice versa the kibble’s first ingredient is Corn Meal so we don’t want to feed that as the main portion of her meals.

    We’ve been really impressed with how it’s going so far, at 5 months old she weighs 27kg (59lb), she appears quite toned – has a fantastic coat and endless energy. She’s going to be a big girl judging by her parents so we want to give the best chance we can at a long healthy life

    tried to attach a file of her.. not sure if it’s going to work


    BTW Dan…Manny is a black beauty!!!

    Im gonna try and attach some pics of my girls, Lacie (6 month weim-GSD mix) and Bella (3 month GSD). [ATTACH=CONFIG]211[/ATTACH]