• thomas

    March 16, 2010 at 4:49 am


    I never really thought that when she rushes to the door it may be something negative. I always took a kind of pride like “hey my dog is ready to protect my family”. But linking your videos with your statement I can start to understand. I see the dogs have there “place” and only act when told. So, when someone knocks on the door as she rushes should I stop that behavior and have her stay back, until I allow her to approach the door. I know this would be very easy it never takes anything more than a normal/firm tone of “psst” and she stops dead in her tracks.

    I am guilty of encouraging the behavior [ I know I will sound like a typical fool that you probably roll your eyes at] at times she would stay back and bark and I would say “who’s that, go get it” [yes sometimes for kicks and laughs] and then she rushes the door. But I can admit guilt with the hopes of learning that’s why I joined this website. I do want the all around good dog, and she is. She is great with my family and friends, doesn’t beg, doesn’t bark needlessly, great off leash never goes astray, good with other dogs but always submits at a dog run she rolls right on her back and lets the other dogs claim dominance [sometimes a little awkward, but its better than breaking up a dog fight]

    We started very strict with her I think the right way. We took bits and pieces from different books, a class at North Shore, and yes the Ceaser Milan show I won’t lie. She enters the home after everyone else, she sits and patiently waits, she sits and waits for her food and gets it when I give her the command, no sofas, no beds only her nicely padded crate, she is not food aggressive I still occasionally send my four year old to pull her bowl mid meal, she just looks up like “please give it back”

    Sorry to ramble, I just wanted to let you know how she was trained and how she acts. Thanks again, great site overall by the way.