• Michael D'Abruzzo

    January 2, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Does sound like barrier frustration still. the hackles up you describe in the previous post indicates there is an element of unsureness while she is in the state of limbo not meeting the other dog. Which explains the deeper bark.

    For now, I would avoid (or pull her away) from any situation that cannot be handled calmy and continue to work on the phase 2 exercises. The flexi-come will be helpful too to get started on.

    You can use the pinch collar on walks – just be sure it is fit properly and don’t expect any magic results just from the dog wearing it – nice and snug so it doesn’t pop off. Herm Sprenger are the best ones.

    It is a great tool for teaching. The best tool for motivating while still being gentle is a properly used dogtra collar, but you made not need to go that far just yet. Some shepherds are very stubborn with this type of lunging though.

    Another training tool not to rule out are the halti-style collars. sometimes they will work (with the training) without having to go to phase 3.

    It’s funny to think it’s scorching hot over there…