• Michael D'Abruzzo

    March 10, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Sue,

    The ones that I have used personally that I really like and have seen good results with are Agility (from the lifes abundance link above), Glycoflex 3 (I get best prices from amazon usually), and prevention plus (i get from joshua kennels – mostly use it on the growing pups). I actually have all 3 at the moment and use all of them. All really depends on what i get the best price on or where I happen to be ordering something else from anyway. I have never used Dasaquin so I have little opinion on it, but I used to use cosequin before i used agility, and the agility blew it out of the water as far as results. i had other clients tell me the same. Glycoflex 3 is virtually the same formula for all practical purposes so i use it interchangeably. That is what I used on my bulldog Rhoda who had more issues with her joints at three years old then she did at 14 years old. Also, Darren the 13 year old rottie from putnam humane society LEAPS airborn when he is excited in his kennel, where he used to fall over when I got him about 3 years ago for even attempting to jump. he gets agility or glycoflex 3 daily. I have every dog i own or in the kennel on joint supplements as early as possible. I always thought if people could look through my eyes and see what I have seen with my own eyes they would never raise a dog without them. I panic when i run out. there are probably other good ones out there, but can only go by what I have used since they are not all created equal. Hope this helps..