• mojomoo

    November 10, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Thank you for more helpful info and video, I really appreciate it. I made a hasty decision today, spur of the moment kind of thing and rescued her mother. My dog was fine with her but I think it was a bit overwhelming for the new one. How on earth now will I walk 2 of them. I couldn’t pass her up, the breeder was selling her due to the fact she can’t have pups anymore, she is over 6 years old and no responsible breeder would get rid of a dog for that reason. Now I have different issues to deal with, this dog lived on a farm til now and every noise is something different to her and she won’t go in the living room because she’s timid of a rug. I think I may have went way over my head with the newest addition but if things don’t work out the BMD rescue will find her another home. I’m extremely iffy about the whole situation but I will get her spayed and see how things go, okay enough of that now!:)
    Back to my own dog, I won’t stop training her and will take the time to give her some alone time with me as usual and work on commands and I will find out what commands if any that her mother has. I will read everything over that you posted to make sure I got it all, wish me luck