• Jose Moreno

    February 7, 2012 at 12:31 am

    I dont think thats the best time to teach her leash manners. Shes excited and reving to go for a run. She should be going on structured walks in low key environments. Structured meaning it is a designated “learning leash manners” walk. Carry some food/treats she finds rewarding and reward her when shes in the right spot. If she starts to pull, stop and remain there until the leash relaxes or shes back in the heel position. Show her that nothing happens if she tries to pull. When youre ready to walk again reward her and start to move forward. Youll be rewarding her by allowing her to walk forward, as long as the leash is relaxed, and rewarding her with a food she really likes. Youll find that shell get much more tired if you force her to slow down then if you just let her run and pull the leash.
    Also, very important, does she get excited before the walks? When you go to reach for the leash does she get excited and bot towards the door? Remember to start the walk in a calm manner.