• cheerparis

    March 18, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reminder. I broke the rules of resting areas and walk, after referred to “Pack Structure”.We really do not know these are No-no-no to dogs, she’s spoiled. How to ‘eliminate’ it? she loves my sofa and bed.

    I have started the phase 1 training few days ago, Paris seems doing good, even though she’s a bit slow but i don’t mind to repeat it over and over again, patience is needed most. That is really true.

    The aggression is directed toward me most of the time (because just two of us ^_^). I found some points from that article which remind me what had happened before Paris became aggressive:-

    “If placed in a human household where there is no obvious leadership, dog will feel insecure and will try to take charge itself and assume the roles of making initiatives, controlling possessions, and worrying about the safety of its human pack”—-she was being left at my boy friend’s mom place when I was passing in and out in the hospital for over 7 days. Maybe she’s kind of ‘hate’ me not protecting her and just left to someone else. Paris is so much sensitive and hackles up to the sounds like kids talking, garbage trucks passing by, or clang/bang. But surprisingly,she has no fear to firework and firecracker.

    Before this,she was nice to everyone or at least hardly barks to people and kids. The main obstacles I face now are, she jumps up to my nose and bite my shirt even hands, whenever I step out from bedroom (she does this to my parents as well and I just hold her tightly). She gave me a lot gifts, scratches..ha! Secondly, she drags me while I walk her, but this is improving a little bit, sometimes i just stop for short when she is in front of me, and tug her a bit. What I know is, training can be fun for dogs and it’s a good path to bond the relationship better and getting improvement.

    Comes to the dog training and rehab, I learn a big difference from you guys, you are great and have done a lot remarkable jobs! It is so hard to get a rehab for aggressive dog in Malaysia. Malaysians should learn how to love and train their dogs, some of my friends whack or slap their dog if they made mistakes…err, gosh!I told them no need to do that but they just ignore.

    Thanks Mike

    p/s: Paris is 1 yr and 4 months old.