• abndogos

    September 2, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Hi. Would also like to ask if your male is intact or neutered? At this point, if you dont have intentions on breeding him, I recommend neutering. I think you also need to read up a little on the GSD and what their purpose for being created is. They are herding and police dogs, so his responses to strangers coming into your yard are part of their genetic makeup. He is nine months old and starting to mature and come into his own. Chris is correct in saying to follow on these forums and start out with the basic Phase 1 obedience. You also need to help him work off some energy, for GSD’s are working dogs and look for jobs to do if you don’t give them one. Obedience is a great place to start. Rewarding him with a ball if he has high ball drive works great. Good luck and keep us posted.