• Parly

    June 14, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Hi – just a quick reply with a few links that might be useful to read through and help you tap into this particular dog’s amazing abilities to control other issues whilst focused on you (as with the frisbee)  so a sudden triggered instinct to chase or herd can be interrupted and brought back on track.

    I have two border collies one of which is 3yr old female and very strong working sheepdog.  She threw me the biggest challenge I have ever had in my life and would go from being ultra focused, sneaking and creeping like an ultra-ninja dog without taking her eyes off me – then set off at full throttle in the opposite direction for just no reason.   I now realise collies do everything for a reason.  There’s no random misfires or breakdowns in that well oiled machine unless it’s being kept by poor mechanics I guess!

    Welsh Collies are slightly different but the same in that both have such intelligence, concentration and incredible ability to switch off to everything else around them the second they switched on to another elsewhere is typical of a strong working / herding dog.

    Anyway links to articles and info on both Welsh and Borders but will pick this up later when I’m back at home.

    *Also reading “Today I was having a game of Frisbee with her on a village green” tickled me to no end because we have a syrian hamster whose name is Frisbee.  Conjured up all sorts of fantastic mental images of you throwing our little hamster all over the village green!