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  • Michael D'Abruzzo

    January 20, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Catherine, generally it our job to judge when any dog has had enough attention from another dog. Some dogs will play all day if we let them and will continue pestering a less enthusiastic dog after that dog has signaled they no longer want to play. Just like parenting a human child it is ok to and recommended to manage when it is time to play and when it is time not to play. If she has more drive to play then the other dogs she is around I would suggest supplementing her with some “human” play time at other times during the day by allowing her to practice hunt and practice fight a long fleece or tug of some sort whipped around on the end of a rope or flirt pole. As you move along with some obedience it will then be easier for to accept when it is time for her to do another activity, such as simply relaxing and gnawing on a chew or such. Puppies, as with older dogs, always do best when there time is micro-managed. Good habits formed now make it easier for her to accept guidance as she gets older. I always suggest starting with a chart that you can download here to get a baseline of what her day is like and what times during the day she has activity and at what times she is engaging in activity that is best replaced with a different activity. Charts really do help a lot for a starting point so you can track progress through a plan.