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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    November 22, 2016 at 1:40 am

    Hi Adrienne,

    I also have finished following phrase 1 vids and have started to read the instructions from the quick charts in the knowledge base under the “obedience chart”. I did the same as you watch the vids and hadn’t been following the written instructions so I’m now using them with the vids to make sure I’m doing each step. Your question of when you start leash training is in the next phrase 2. From my knowledge Mike is working his way through writing the instructions ( the words in blue in the obedience chart) and you follower each one step by step all the way down to phrase4 maintenance. Mike written instructions lessons have only reached phrase 2 “conditioned punisher” and the rest isn’t completed yet. What I’ve been doing instead while waiting is repeating phrase 1 with the next command “down”, then “heel” and so forth. The next phrase2 is where you start teaching the dog discipline and aversive corrections for disobeying with light leash pressure. Phrase2 is where you will gain control of your dogs behaviour to stop them pulling you all over the place and to walk nicely on the lead by your side. Have you done Phrase1 “heel” yet? I haven’t done it  myself  with my mums pup I’ve been training so she does the same as your dogs – pulls on a walk. Heel in phrase1 is the next command I will be working with her to do and  then I’ll move her onto phrase2 “heel”.