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  • Scott Blenkiron Blenkiron

    October 30, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Erika, I understand hole digging to be natural and can be an outlet for anxiety and boredom. From reading Cesar Millan’s “How to raise the perfect dog” it was recommended to provide for this behavior not suppress it. When Kaia was a pup and she would dig i would take her to a place i would allow her to dig. Here she would go crazy and i would never tell her off rather i would praise her. She would then go back to this spot. We also took her to the beach as much as possible to dig in the soft sand and roll around – she loved it! She still digs from time to time, such as the other day in the soft soil of the freshly prepared veggie beds so i had to fence this area off as i couldn’t watch her all the time. If you can provide a sand pit or a soft soil area for your puppy i’m sure she will love it.