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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    June 10, 2016 at 4:32 am

    It sound like you may need to keep working on the command heel. I would check through all the videos again in phrase 2 to just to make sure you didn’t miss any steps to the training. What I do with distractions I make sure the dog knows the command first then start adding the distractions into the training.  Start with low distractions first and when the dog obey your commands under  low distractions I would move onto higher distractions.  I think the reason why Zena is ignoring you is the distractions have become a more higher value to her then obeying your commands. I think also she is not receiving an high enough correction on the remote that is motivate enough for her to obey your command over the distraction. I’m in a similar situation where once my dog Tazer is off leash and a high distractions is around if I don’t catch him before he goes into drive then the only way I can get him back under control would be to use the remote collar to break he’s focus back onto me and my commands. This can only be achieve if I have the level high enough that will break his focus off the distraction. (I have a booster level that double the stim level on my remote for those emergencies situations.) I do understand your fear of not wanting to hurt your dog by using a level to high that could… if you follow Mike system this shouldn’t happen. I’m going to start the phrase 3 training again with my dog even though he as been train previously for obedience on the remote collar. I’ve been watching Mikes phrase 3 vids and believe if I follow he system  and do every step he does I won’t have any further issues of my dogs breaking commands again. I hope what I said here will be of some help for you.