• YvonneGlen

    April 26, 2016 at 6:57 pm


    So  I did end up going to the beach one last time … and definitely see a difference in Ziya..  I decided at the second part of our day at the beach to take away the beach toy.  She is so besotted with that beach toy.  After I told her “game over” she did nothing but follow me and the children around.

    Do you think some GSD can break the mold and do well in dog park setting?  While I was there on Sunday, there were three other GSD.  Loki (HUGE male from a breeder named Stephen Patch) a female (also very BIG for a female, who made Ziya look like a miniature GS LOL) her name was Sonic, and her other pal/”freneny”  Jenna (Eastern Line).  Loki is intact, the other two females are not.  None seem to be bothered by the other lab/newfies/leonbergers/goldens and just went with the flow playing with other dogs.

    This is the first GSD that I have had (6 in total) that has ever been trained off-leash.  So I’m really excited to be able to bring her everywhere with me and am so proud of what we accomplished together.  I know when she is not comfortable and take her out of the situation immediately and am wondering if it’s just a maturity issue coupled with her not being fixed or if she is just going to be one of these GS who just would like be with her “humans” and bypass the beach all together because after all, she is a GSD and we cannot change who they genetic makeup.   From the looks of it and her temperament I am beginning to think it’s going to be the latter.

    Maybe I will try once again once she is spayed??

    Here is a video that I find interesting … Would love your take of Ziya and her interaction.  I threw my novice two cents in on what I see happening … on my timeline: https://www.facebook.com/yvonne.gasperino/videos/vb.1089444084/10208531036888631/?type=2&theater