• Marina Darling Zeitler

    February 18, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    So she does have food out all day. And she comes and goes to it as she pleases. I’ve seen her pick up her whole bowl and take it somewhere else to eat some of it. I’m not sure what that behavior means but I do know that a leader should be in charge of when, what and where they eat. I just didn’t know how much it could be effecting her until talking about it know with you. So thank you, really. But how do I go about this? Was my idea of creating a Meal & Play Schedule for the handler to do with the dog a good one? I know she likes direction so I think me only telling her to figure it out on her own wouldn’t be as effective. I can always try it and if she doesn’t follow it than I’ll have to a talk with her about Gracie’s success and prolonging the training. Also emphasize that it is not a cruel thing to do what so ever. Dogs respect strong leaders. They almost \crave\ guidance. It would likely make their relationship stronger.. I’m thinking out loud. Excuse me lol.