• Wag the Dog Pet Care

    January 18, 2023 at 10:59 pm

    Hi there! We’ve got two rescue pitties with lots of allergies, chicken and all grains, including rice. They are a blue brindle and a champagne coat which can often be sensitive. After extensive research and trial and error, we found that a grain free limited ingredient diet worked well, but mixed with a heavy helping of some sort of the raw diet works the best. We avoid eggs as one seems to get itchy even from them.

    They are also allergic to the pollen that collects on the dew of wet grass. One is sensitive about his feet so we fill the bathtub with about two inches of warm water and a little bit of epsom salts. It has actually helped him to let us touch them, since once healed he is much less sensitive. On occasion we have added betadine or chlorhexadin to cleanse the first time we soak. This might work if your pup will stand in the tub!

    If the infection gets too bad it could require veterinary care, antibiotics. Removing the allergens is still the first step to reducing inflammation.