• Arthur Lopatin

    January 6, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    IMO, like Mike sez, in detail, this family probably is incapable of safely owning this poor dog. If they want to give it a try, they need to know what’s going on w/this particular dog, how they can deal w/it, the need, when all is said and done, to be 365/24 in charge of the situation, how much time and money (if u wanna charge them) it will take. and you need to hammer home these points, because, at least in my experience over the years, a lot of people are unrealistic/overly optimistic about what it takes. understandble, for sure. (i was that way, so i’m not being snotty.) but that makes it more necessary to impress thes points on the owners. a pitbull, in particular w/no leadership who feels he’s dominant and clueless owners is a recipe for disaster. ‘Nice’ owners will make the problem worse by being soft and cuddly to make the dog their ‘friend.’ Macho owners will brutalise the dog. Both approaches are equally bad. Equally recipes for getting a kid bit on the face and then killing the dog for being aggressive. In short, like MIke explained, not a good situation. Lotta ppl tend to get dogs for the wrong reasons. Lotta times they luck out and, altho the dog doesn’t have the life it deserves, it’s got a family that meets many of its needs, But a lotta times, they get a dog for it’s looks/based on an erroneous impression of the dogs personality and are facing a dangerous disaster. Makes biz for dog trainers. Sad for dogs and the owners, assuming they even give a damn.