• Ashton Green

    February 18, 2022 at 2:40 am

    Thank you this is really useful. We are doing about 40-60 minutes of fetch in 20 minute periods in the yard and severl 10-20 minute training sessions per day in addition to walks. He is beginning to improve when I am awake and walking around, but when Alvin is awake and ready to play and I am either in bed (early in the morning or late at night as I am going to sleep) or when I want to sit on the couch and read for example he is obsessive about jumping up onto the couch/bed and me and playbiting. He will not let me sit or lay down on soft furniture in the same room as him unless he is well tired from a walk.

    I have a crate that I have started training with and he seems to want to go in on his own, and in trainings he has been in for up to one minute. His officer said that he used to be in a similar sized crate much of the day in the police van so he should be used to it. I would love to put him in the crate for longer times (20 or 30 minutes while I read a book, or at the end of the day to settle, or after his early morning potty break (when I want another half hour of sleep). However, I am worried if this is moving too fast with the crate? I don’t want to put him off the crate as he seems to like it.

    Any advice for morning / bedtime will be much appreciated. This is the most exhausting for us as we spend about 30 – 40 minutes standing near our bed and using commands for him to get off each time he jumps on, having him lay down, and then as soon as we lay down, repeating the process. I worry about putting him outside the room or in the crate and going to sleep as I cannot monitor him. He has shown no signs of being destructive yet but its possible – is this something I should test?

    Thanks again