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  • Shoko

    December 28, 2021 at 5:28 am

    Great! Thank you Allie and Mike for the responses! 😀 The website ( says that they cover these materials in the course: Energetics: GE, DE, ME, NE, RER, RMR; Value of protein; Energy balance Nutrient classes Carbohydrates, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Protein, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Fats, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Minerals, introduction, function, required, toxic, interactions Macro minerals Trace minerals Vitamins, general, classifications, interactions, functions, requirements, deficiencies, etc. Water, function, requirements Digestion, anatomy, physiology, enzymes, hormones, absorption, etc. Life stage nutrition, pregnancy, lactation, weaning, puppies, adults, geriatrics Nutrient content of commercial dog foods Aflotoxins and endotoxins Marketing concepts Chemical vs. natural preservatives Elements of a home-cooked diet Cooking proteins and carbohydrates Supplementing and serving Reasons for using home-prepared diets Commercial raw diets and mixes Components of a raw diet Safety of feeding raw foods Safety and efficacy of a vegetarian/vegan diet Ingredients for a vegetarian/vegan diet. So I’m guessing it covers all of the basics. But now I am getting more interested in taking a course at CIVT after looking at their site😆.