• Arthur Lopatin

    April 17, 2021 at 11:56 am

    if u get good pepper spray (powerful long distance burst(s), deploy it quickly and point it down in front of the oncoming dog’s you are much less likely to harm the oncoming dog’s eyes but it will still do the trick…..at least it’s done so for me on the 2 occasions (in 20 years) when I’ve had to use it.

    compressed air container emits loud, powerful puff of air. possibled alternative to a loud-noise emitter

    suddenly opened umbrella spooks some dogs. gotta make sure to condition your own dogs. might not be realistic 4 u, but maybe u can position it in the cart for qwik deployment.

    I’m wondering if you might be able to turn this lemon into lemonade by writing articles in the local paper, talking at town mtgs, etc explaining what is going on, why it’s so dangerous (a dogo is gonna do what a dogo does, unless he’s been trained and is accompanied by his human, etc.) and seeing if you and your neighbors and the authoritiescan come up w/a mutually satisfactory way. i dunno if you are already doing prof. trng, but maybe you could offer to help these people, on some basis. might help build your biz via word of mouth