• Taylor Bagwell

    October 27, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Hey, Art! Thanks for watching!

    Yeah, I know my leash control wasn’t very good. But between my trying not to slip, juggling the phone, and not knowing how Nugget was going to react I let it slide a bit. Not the best idea, I know. “Easy” is for when he’s pulling at the leash, “Far enough” is when he’s reached the end of the leash and there’s no more length left after I give him permission to go, and “hold up” is our wait command. Of the three of those, he’s best with “hold up,” which is very handy on the stairs when going up. And he was actually wearing a precision collar, but today it wasn’t adjusted properly and I didn’t notice until we were already outside. Since it was below freezing outside, I didn’t feel comfortable having a piece of metal against his neck.

    It usually doesn’t snow here until January, so this was a huge surprise. But thank you for the reminder about the salt. And we’re working on out and leave it, which are getting better. Slowly, but they are.

    Thanks again!