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  • Guido Rossi

    July 16, 2020 at 4:09 am

    Hi Allie,

    I have uploaded two videos in my gallery. Short videos, the objective was to get the dog to sit, stay as i move a couple steps away, have him come to me, try a down stay and this simple stuff.

    In the first, I have a piece of mince in my hand as a reward. After i ask him to sit (you can see his sit is already leaning towards a down as if he wants to predict me), he then breaks the sit when i move back, and after correction goes to a down (nobody asked him). He then gets stuck up, i try to call him, but he does a quarter recall before dropping down to the floor again and just doesn’t t seem to be responsive anymore. (he didn’t do the food begging attitude this time).

    In the second video (the POV one), i ask him the same commands but without the piece of mince in my hand, he overall seems more responsive and understanding of the commands given to him. He does not mix the sit and stay (the second sit is a clear sit) and doesn’t t frustrate till the point of just dropping to the ground.



    I feel like my body language does not really change, nor does my tone. I feel like the dealbreaker might be the piece of mince. I was thinking maybe i can use a leash, and correct him with that when he goes to the ground but i wouldn’t want to worsen his confidence ?