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  • Sergio Lattus

    October 2, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Thanks Mike, yes i´ve seen the blue print at least 3 times and helped me to establish a plan. I´ll start get the dog use to the muzzle, and start to work  obedience (on-leash)  inside the house as controlled as possible, getting him comfortable  around the family, after take him outside to play or for a walk . i´m hopping that creating this routine of staying inside the house will help me create a bound between the family and the dog, and will give the wife enough confidence to star working with the dog as well, (she´s scared of him)   so that may take a while for her to create the level of confidence.  the owner is almost never around so ultimately she is the one who need to get her Leadership in place. i´ll keep you posted on how things are going. thanks again for the advice.