• Kim James

    February 4, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Hey Dave

    Video it, it maybe easier to break down and analyse.

    If you are pairing the command with the lure there should be no need for compulsion, the reward is released once the mechanics are completed, even if you need to chain the behaviour have a target behaviour set, then incrementally reward the approximations that lead towards the target result.

    For most dogs the “i’m going to put you where i want you” method is stressful and void of teaching them how to get there.

    Also maybe use a different reward something of a lesser value. The anticipation of that reward may be the catalyst for whatever is going on.

    I have 2 Black Labs at the moment and food rewarding is just too messy and over exciting for them, however they will happily focus on the tennis ball to lure them into various positions.