Review: Lucy is big dog in a tiny doodle coat


Lucy is big dog in a tiny doodle coat

1) What prompted you to seek professional help for you and your dog?
Before our puppy we had a mini schnauzer who was reactive and honestly embarrassing to being anywhere. We also had a rescue terrier mix who was also reactive, he is now 14. After our schnauzer passed away we decided to get a cockapoo puppy. After a couple of months, we wanted to nip some bad habits in the bud while she was still young. We have two younger kids and we didn’t like that Lucy was pushing and jumping on them. Even though she was small she was pretty strong and she was just getting bigger. She also barked at anything and everything, including the wind. As she grew she started lunging and barking at other dogs aggressively.  We wanted to be able to take her everywhere with us and not be embarrassed by our dog’s behavior.

2) Were your concerns addressed? Was the training plan simple and effective?
YES AND YES! Lucy has been training with Allie for a year now. She is considered a finished dog but we are taking every opportunity we get to practice and train. We can take her walks around dogs and people, she obeys and our relationship is amazing. We’ve also taken her on every vacation we’ve been on since we brought her home!

We even found out she’s part mermaid! Lucy loves swimming!

3) Was your dog happy and comfortable with the methods used?
Yes! Lucy absolutely loves Allie and knows when we are going to class. Allie has helped us with leadership in our house and how it’s the key to building our dog’s confidence. Lucy knows that we are there to protect her and she is such a confident dog now.

4) Did you feel like the training was transparent and humane?
Yes, Allie gives you all the tools and support you need to succeed with training. She gives you lots of feedback, explains why we do certain things and has lots of instructional videos and lectures. I personally love nerding out on all the dog training lectures she sends me!

5) Allie at Rogue K9 Academy Claims to offer FULL SERVICE training….did she?
Allie is our biggest cheerleader! We can send her videos to show her how we are progressing or have her troubleshoot what we are practicing. She’s passionate about what she does and is so knowledgeable.

What else (if anything) could you add to give a personal perspective on your overall experience?
After the first couple of classes with Allie, I decided I was all in. Dog training has been therapy for me. I look forward to walking and training with Lucy everyday.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I could take her off leash or even have her dock dive! This little pup loves to swim! Lately we have taken on learning some scent work and it’s been so much fun!

One of the best parts of RogueK9 Academy is the close knit community and having everyone’s support and love during our journey.  We are all there to learn and cheer each other on.

The Advanced group classes are super productive and fun because we can practice around other dogs while being in a controlled safe environment. We love seeing all of our new fur friends so often!



  1. Thank you Christina for being such an awesome example of how amazing FSDT is! Walking without barking was your initial goal but now Lucy’s life is so much more than that, all because of your love and dedication! Thank you for trusting me to be apart of your journey!