Class Updates

Updates 12/18/21

Updated Lecture List Simplified - no dedicated version list (find version after lecture) 70 videos in base course (will continue...

Updates 1/8/2022

Updates since 12/18/21 First Quiz available How do Achievements work? How do points work? What are ranks? Updates since 12/18/21...

Updates 1/22/22

Mike's to Do from 1/15/2022 Create clear instructions for the Question Committee - Done (First post in the question commitee discussion...

Updates 1/29/22

New assignments will be added in the new assignments tab located on the main menu here: Assignments

Updates 2/5/2022

Updates 2/12/2022

Updates 2/19/2022

Updates 2/26/2022

Chat box and messaging ongoing changes Pack howl Questions for Q&A Direct Messages Video and Voice Calls Group Calls Calendar...

Updates 3/12/2022

Updates 4/2/2022

Updates 5/14/2022

5.0 Course Goals New Achievement Badge Certification Status Interaction Points (Wags)

Updates 6/18/22

Updates 6/25/22

Course Outline (draft): Foundation Style Dog Training 5.0 / Certified Dog Training Technologist The Dog Training Technologist is qualified to design...

Updates 7/2/22

Updates 7/16/22

Updates 7/23/22

Updates 7/30/22

Updates 8/6/22

Updates 8/13/22

Updates 11/12/22

Class Update 3/4/2023 and Q&A #186

Make a Mentorship Log 1. Click on link: 2. Click File 3. Click “make a copy” 4. Rename the...

Class Updates 6-17-23

Class Update 6-24-23

Course Updates 4-17-24

Course Updates and Tips 5-1-24