Maggie Mae

American Pit Bull Terrier
German Shepherd Dog

Maggie came to me from Hearts For Paws, which is a local rescue that I work with here in San Diego Ca. We bring a lot of very abused dogs up from Mexico. Upon arrival Maggie weighed 6 lbs. She was covered in flees, ticks, and Maggots. She was also severely malnourished. I agreed to foster her, so she is a foster fail!:) Maggie was a fragile, very sweet and cuddly puppy, who was also very scared of the world. She is now going on 6 mos old, weighs 25 lbs, has the longest legs you have ever seen, and is very healthy! She has a great disposition! She loves to play, LOVES people and other dogs, and is very eager to please! She is a family dog. She lives with me, my husband and my daughter, who is a 23 yr old college student. She also adores my adult son who visits frequently. She has an over abundance of beds, toys, and love from all of us. In between playing, napping is her favorite past time! we call her a "rack back", because she will sleep in her bed ("the rack" a sailor term, as we are a Navy family) longer than we do! We also have 3 cats that Maggie always try's to engage in play. The youngest cat (also a foster fail), will play with her a bit, then he is done! The other 2 just tolerate her playfulness! Maggie is very smart, has medium energy for a puppy, and has landed her forever home with us, till death do us part!

My training goals for Maggie in the long term is to have her as a support dog for me (retired Law Enforcement), and search and rescue. I have started her with the basics, and she is doing very well. She is good at the basic commands, come, sit, stay, down. She is coming along with leave it, drop it, and heel. I knew going in, that my biggest challenge was going to be Maggie's lack of confidence. I knew she was abused and had no self confidence. I have seen some mild fear based behavior, as a result. As soon as Maggie was healthy enough, we began major socialization. We have built a good relationship built on trust. I see her trying new things with my guidance more and more. When we first started walking, I could not get her to go more than 10 feet before she put on the brakes. And she was like a barn sour horse. She wanted to run back to the house ASAP. Maggie will now walk with me all over the city that we live in, and she loves to run on the beach! She wants to play with every dog she sees. She also loves every person she meets. Which brings me to my current challenge. While on walks Maggie will lunge on the leash to play with every dog we pass, and to meet every human that looks at her! She is very playful but not everyone knows that. As she begins to get bigger and looks more like an adult Pitt Bull, people react very negatively. I am working on this by moving Maggie over to my right as much as possible when I see a dog or person approaching.. I put myself in between Maggie and the dog. Put her in a sit, then asking her to "leave It", as a dog or person passes us. It's a work in progress, and I need some help with it. I also need to refine the basic commands, so I am here to learn! I look forward to diving in, and working with Maggie to bring her to her full potential!!

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