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Country Philippines (the)
Certifications Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
Business/Organization Information - Trained at BetterDog Canine Behavior Center (betterdogph.com) in Manila, Philippines
- Teach at BesoMomma Dog Training and Behavior Management (BesoMomma.com / Facebook.com/BesoMommaTraining) in New York, NY
- Externship Mentor for Animal Behavior College
- Cast and train dogs (and cats!) in TV commercials (Facebook.com/BesoMommaCasting)
Websites BesoMomma.com
Tell us about yourself: Originally from Manila (Philippines) but now live in New York City.

I've had dogs all my life but got hooked on (understanding) dog behavior when I adopted a Beagle with canine autism. His name is Jorge. I also have a female Beagle, Milan, who is my agility partner, a female Belgian Malinois, Chance, who just flew in from Manila last March 2019 (I hadn't seen her in almost 5 five years!) and will be my training partner for FSDT, and a rescue cat named Theodore.
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Kárin Araneta