for sit command he is obeying no problem

for down command i have to repeat it several times

for come command sometimes he is not obeying , or escaping running to opposite side


  1. Hi Wael, great job starting training journals!
    For the sit and down commands are you still “luring” him down using hand, treats and body as a guide? When we wean off the body language we start slowly brining ourselves into an upright position and we start “waiting out” the dog before we reward him. What you will want to try is exactly what you are doing now…repeating the command calmly as many times as it takes but waiting until the dog does the command while you are in a more upright position before giving him the reward. While the dog is in a down or a sit you can get the dog to stay in that position longer by giving him treats every few seconds while he is in the position. If the dog breaks the position the reward is no longer given until he is back in the position again. You can start doing this little by little until you can stand completely upright and he will go down or sit without any body language. Then start working on durations. Meaning now he no longer gets the reward for going down, but instead ge gets the reward for staying in the down for a few seconds. Once he will do this….we can start reinforcing the commands when we know that he understands this. Until then it’s ok to keep repeating many times as you are teaching him what you want from him. Later on we will start to reinforce the commands.

    As far as the come command, a good way to start teaching them come is to use the leash and a “starmark collar” if you are able to get one in your country. (If you are able to we will teach you how to properly and respectfully use it) As you tell the dog to come you can back up while he starts coming to you and help him while he is on the leash by gently guiding him towards you. Once he reaches you give him lots of praise and love and reward him. Then if he goes to move away…back up again and repeat come while guiding him towards you again. The command come should mean that he needs to come to you and stay there until you “free” him up to do what he wants. Repeat the steps above until he doesnt move away then you can tell him “Zeus free” and you may let him go, or encourage him let him know it is now ok to go do what you want.

    That is a lot to work on but start there. Post a training video when you feel you have this down and I will help critique it to make you better and then we can move on from there.

  2. You will find phase 1 videos under the main menu under the video section. Refer to these videos for visual guidance. And post any questions you need answered.

  3. This is more advanced come but you may use this concept to guide the dog into position. Just make sure you use guidance right now and not corrections that are taught in this phase 2 video. The dog needs to learn what you want before you may hold the dog accountable for disobeying. But this will give you and idea.

  4. Thanks judi for valued info I will stick your points till get better results ,
    Another point please : when I give him the command sit then I give the command down & he is in down position then I give him the command sit again his never obeying till I help him with my hands it looks like he don’t under stand sit command only when he is in up position

  5. Having a dog sit from a standing position is much easier for thme as it is Natural for them to sit at the are looking up at you to fall back into that position. Having a dog sit from a down is a whole different movement for them. It’s almost like learning a new command. So yes help him with this with body language. Sometimes it helps them to even take a step closer into them to help them look up and go back up into a sit. Keep doing this one with body language. Then when you think he understands….you may start fading off the body language like the other commands.

    Always remember to give the dog lots if enthusiastic praise when the dog does well so he knows you are happy and he did the right thing. 🙂