repeating sit, down & come commands + sit from down position for the last one he shows a good progress and being more understanding


  1. Excellent, when you feel he shows a very good understanding on what you want, you may then start to reward him with treats every few seconds while in the position to try to keep him in the position. When he has done well for a short duration of a few seconds say his name and “free” then encourage him to move from position to get love from you. When he is doing well, and is able to do this for a little bit longer duration, start only rewarding him on the “free” command…..this way he will start to learn he only gets the reward if he stays in position until you free him up. This is how you will start to get him to stay in position longer. We don’t use stay commands. A command will eventually mean he must stay in that command until you free him from it. Keep up the good work. Patience will bring you far with training Zeus.